Business solutions

PLM Group business solutions with instant results

Our business solutions are based on validated software applications and services customized to specific customer needs. Common for all solutions is fast implementation and short payback time.

Your trusted PLM partner

We have more than 20 years of experience helping customers design and manufacture products better, faster and more profitably. That's why we can say that no matter what challenge you face, whether it is bringing a product to market faster and more cost-effectively, improving productivity or sharing product data, we know we can help.

Our partnerships focus on first learning our customer’s value chain to develop a business opportunity report. Sometimes the customer already knows what solution they are looking to pursue but we help to identify how to implement it. Other times we can recommend a totally new solution for the customer they otherwise would never have realized.

We can help to understand your value chain’s efficiency and advice how to grow your business by implementing solutions based on PLM software applications. Together we can present the situation with opportunities to increase revenues, reduce costs and mitigate the business risks.


“We make our customers more successful by building capabilities to deliver better products faster.”



Designing better products faster

  • Launch more product innovations
  • Be faster to market with new products
  • Improve engineering productivity



Improving Product Documentation and Service Automation

  • Improve product communications and documentation inside and outside the company
  • Reduce resources spent on product documentation
  • Increase sales of spare parts and reduce time to find spare parts



Collaborating and integrating product data

  • Have the whole company working on the same 3D models
  • How to skip using 2D drawings
  • Collaborate with customers and suppliers on the same 3D models



Managing product selection

  • Reduce time to submit customer quotations
  • Sell products suitable for production
  • Reduce complexity in production


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